Published 1986

Platinum Blues

Platinum Blues

Oliver Gulliver is a small-town lawyer in northern California, and he's slowly going broke. When Elora, his 18-year-old daughter, returns home, dragging a once-famous but now burnt-out rock star, Oliver is dismayed. But a quirky friendship begins, and C.C. Gilley starts writing songs again. Then his love song to Elora is stolen and recorded by highly promoted glitz band, and Oliver finds himself taking on the music barons of Los Angeles.

"Hilariously pointed observations on the legal chicanery and artistic hornswoggling that goes on in the record industry." New York Times

"This is a fast, credible and very funny novel." London Sunday Times

"A fast-paced, wickedly funny sendup of a rock music industry incestuously bedded down with corporate America." Publishers Weekly

"Deverell mixes some man curves and off-speed pitches with his trademark fast balls - and comes up with his best book yet." Kirkus Reviews

"William Deverell presents a sardonic look at the inner workings of the music industry. The left turn at the end was deliciously unexpected." Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills and Nash

"The people who liked Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent will enjoy Platinum Blues. Because it is crammed with real people in real situations that tingle with menace, the people who like anything by Elmore Leonard will enjoy Platinum Blues. That ought to cover just about everyone." Hamilton Spectator

"The trial scenes are good, the romance believable, and the dialogue as crisp as a new $20 bill – definitely a bullet." Globe and Mail

"Deverell writes with a snappy pace and a fine sense of humor." Chicago Tribune

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