July 3rd 2024

Long-Shot Trial: New York Times Review

Deverell paces his story beautifully and weaves in some final surprises.

Far be it from me to say whether William Deverell’s THE LONG-SHOT TRIAL (ECW Press, 250 pp., paperback, $21.95), the ninth novel to star the quick-witted defense lawyer Arthur Beauchamp, will be his last; that said, Deverell is 87, and the book is shot through with lament and mourning.

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April 30th 2024

Vancouver Launch of The Long-Shot Trial

A note from our friends at Black Bond Books:

Please join William Deverell for a reading from The Long-Shot Trial on Wednesday May 15th, 2024 @ 6:30PM - 9:00PM at our Book Warehouse Main St store (4118 Main St, Vancouver) as we launch the newest Arthur Beauchamp thriller.

This will be a double-header, with crime writer Iona Whishaw reading from her latest Lane Winslow mystery - Lightning Strikes the Silence.

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December 18th 2023

The Long Shot Trial, In bookstores in spring, 2024

Arthur Beauchamp is mortified. A revised biography of his early career as a lawyer paints him as a dissolute womanizer. So he decides to write a memoir to set the record straight as he delves deeply into a headline murder case he fought as a starry-eyed young lawyer in 1966. A trial that seemed bound to mark him as a pathetic loser.

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July 23rd 2022

All My 19 Novels Are Now Available in Print or as eBooks, Plus Several in Audio

It's easy to read them in order: Click on "Books" on the home page. Begin with Needles (at the bottom) and work your way up.

To follow the Arthur Beauchamp series, begin with The Dance of Shiva (he gets the Best Supporting Actor Award for that one), then skip up to Trial of Passion (Arthur's first Oscar-winning performance), then (as he slowly ages) April Fool (another Oscar), Kill All the Judges, Snow Job,(borth finalists for the Leacock Award), I'll See You in My Dreams, Sing a Worried Song, Whipped, and Stung.

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December 25th 2021

Dashiell and me and Stung

Let me set the scene:

Dashiell, a handsome (and he knows it), jaguar-spotted, green-eyed Bengal cat, is curled on a slip-covered sofa across from me, waiting for me to finish this brief essay and continue our walk. He is a fearless hiker and likes posing on mountain ledges in the nearby Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

We are in a log cabin, Dashiell and I. It’s my writing studio, and it’s serenaded — seasonally — by songbirds and a gurgling stream and the crackling of wood in my fire. Not to mention the frequent drumming of West Coast rain. Towering firs and cedars surround the cabin, hopefully pumping out enough oxygen to offset the carbon footprint of my not-quite-smokeless Jötul.

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November 13th 2021

Kill All the Judges. Snow Job. I'll See You in My Dreams

These three novels have been reprinted by ECWPress, and are now available in bookstores, on Audible.com and in ebook format on all platforms.

Kill All the Judges and Snow Job were finalists for the Leacock Award and I'll See You in My Dreams was afinalist for the Beat Canadian Crime Novel Award

Review clips below

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July 11th 2021

STUNG: Margaret Atwood on Twitter

"Summer mysteries from ECWPress: William Deverell returns with another Arthur Beauchamp legal thriller: Timely! Nail-biting courtroom finish!"

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April 25th 2021

Stung was successfully launched on Earth Day, April 22, and is now in orbit

Click below for a YouTube version of that cocktail hour launch: including my chat about the novel, readings of three passages, a lovely musical interlude by guitar virtuoso Lester Quitzau, a question-and-answer, and some mingling of friends.

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March 26th 2021

David Suzuki applauds the environmental message in Stung

David Suzuki, scientist, broadcaster, author, activist. and a founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, has some thoughtful words to say about Stung and about the wilful blindness we as a species suffer over the global climate crisis:

"The great boast of our species is that we are intelligent yet we seem unable to deal with the facts of environmental degradation. Bill Deverell’s Stung provides a powerful insight into why. Read this book and find out!"

In an email to me, he continued:

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January 30th 2021

The Arthur Beauchamp Series: Complete

Breaking news for Beauchamp fans:

I have just inked a contract with my aggressive, proudly Canadian (and obviously shrewd) publisher, ECWPress, to publish in print, online, and audio formats the three Arthur Beauchamp novels that have languished for the last few years in that infernal region known as books-out-of-print.

Kill All the Judges, Snow Job, and I'll See You in My Dreams will appear on bookstore shelves by early autumn, 2021, and, when added to my March release, Stung, will complete the Beauchamp saga to date. (Another is in the oven.)

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December 26th 2020

A View from Above

A twenty-minute uphill climb from our home rewards with this view of the Salish Sea and the Gulf Islands, with an arbutus tree hogging the stage.

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November 18th 2020

“Riveting. The courtroom scenes are brilliant." –– Beverley McLachlin, 17th Chief Justice of Canada

Arthur Beauchamp takes on the most explosive trial of his career: the defence of seven boisterous environmentalists accused of sabotaging a plant in Ontario that pumps out a pesticide that has led to the mass deaths of honeybees. The story zigzags between Toronto, where the trial takes place, and Arthur's West Coast island home where he finds himself arrested for fighting his own environmental cause: the threatened destruction of a popular park. The Toronto trial concludes with a tense, hang-by-the-fingernails jury verdict. The story is told from points of view of Arthur and a vibrant young woman activist and a tough, cynical OPP Inspector. Throughout, Arthur struggles to save his marriage.

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November 17th 2020

Re-issued this year, my satirical take on two genres: thriller and whodunit

"A bitingly funny whodunit." Maclean's

"Kill All the Lawyers is clever, amusing, laced with black humour and viciously accurate depictions of lawyers and judges." Toronto Star.

And a 2020 review squib from the New York Journal of Books:

“Filled with biting wit and smart dialogue, with a twist of an ending the diehard mystery reader won’t see coming—and an epilogue featuring the most ironic surprise of all.”

Here's a thoughtful review by the late, great Robin Skelton, one of Canada's foremost poets and teachers of literature:

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