Published 1983


My international spy thriller, featuring Jacques Sawchuk, backmailed by the authorities and forced into service to infiltrate a band of fanatical terrorists who are kidnapping and murdering their way through Europe. Several novels later, he stars in The Laughing Falcon, hiding in Costa Rica under a new name... and AGAIN pressed reluctantly into service as a spy

“Packs a saucy wallop … Here is another world-class thriller, fresh, bright and topical.” Globe and Mail.

“A readable thriller that matches the newscasts. Action. Action. Action. Literature in the fast lane. Sit back in your easy chairs, pour yourself a drink, and read about the end of the world.” Toronto Star.

“William Deverell has confirmed his place in the front rank of thriller writers with his new novel Mecca. This up-to-date thriller includes all the classical ingredients of the genre: violence, intrigue, chases, escapes and captures, sex, vivid descriptions, and a series of breathtaking double-crosses and hidden agendas which it would be unfair to discuss further. Great escapist fiction in the bestseller class.”

Quill & Quire

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