Published 2020

Kill All the Lawyers

Just republished: a zippy, satirical thriller.

The reviews:

Just in, from the New York Journal of Books:

“Filled with biting wit and smart dialogue, with a twist of an ending the diehard mystery reader won’t see coming—and an epilogue featuring the most ironic surprise of all.”

"A lawyer is killed shortly after he has astonished everyone by successfully defending an undoubtedly guilty client. A second lawyer who has a similar success is shot at, and the legal community begins to think that someone out there is attempting to correct undesirable verdicts by sentencing lawyers to death … The social comedy is hilarious. This is a brilliantly wrought novel, ingenious, entertaining, and continually surprising. Deverell deserves an award for this one." - Robin Skelton, Books in Canada

"This is a fast, funny novel, West Coast thriller king William Deverell's response to the blockbuster legal potboilers of such lesser, wealthier writers as John Grisham and Scott Turow." Quill and Quire

"Deverell's crime fiction has always been exceptional. As always, Deverell offers a cynical insider's view of the legal profession. A smart, witty book with great characters and a clever plot." Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

"A bitingly funny whodunit." Maclean's

"Kill All the Lawyers is clever, amusing, laced with black humour and viciously accurate depictions of lawyers and judges." Toronto Star

"Terrific." Toronto Sun

"This is just an all-round great romp of a book, a wonderful and uproarious whodunit with a magnificently convoluted plot and a cast of characters to die for – a bunch of which do – by one of the country's best (and most irreverently funny) crime and mystery writers." Ottawa Sun

"As usual, Deverell has whipped up some of the slimiest, scummiest and hilarious characters you're ever going to find between the covers of a book. It's a first-rate whodunit, populated by folks you won't want to forget." Regina Leader Post

"Kill All the Lawyers is Deverell at his best — tongue-in-cheek, slashing and burning member of his other profession — lawyers. Simply magnificent. Brantford Expositor

"Smart, contemporary and tart." Edmonton Journal

"A highly readable tale, a lighthearted novel displaying throughout a deftly light touch." Winnipeg Free Press

"Sly, wickedly amusing, … irreverent, refreshing." Vancouver Sun

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