Published 2021

Kill All the Judges

"Kill All the Judges is replete with Stephen Leacock-like humour and more than a dash of sex, which tends to be speedy, underperformed and overrated. In the court sessions, one senses a broom closet full of insider jokes and personalities only lightly disguised. Yet for all its seemingly lighthearted humour, this is a work of great depth and complexity. Pay attention to every word and nuance, for this is a well-crafted and at times raging-mad study into the complexities of a human mind in turmoil." Globe & Mail

"A delightful, witty, and satisfying read." Calgary Herald

"Expect crackling wit, laugh-out-loud crime and madcap characters. Retired barrister Arthur Beauchamp's golden years aren't as serene as he planned when memnbers of his former p[rofession start turning up dead." Canadian Living Magazine.

"Deverell is a writer capable of generating a belly laugh with the turn of a phrase. The tone and measured energy in the courtroom scenes snap. The reader waits, anticipates the escalating tension, and then -- in a flash -- another smile.

"Deverell's entertaining writing is woven into the texture and twists of the plot. But keep your wits about you. Kill All The Judges is a tale within a story; a road map with no signs. Follow the trail, laugh, and suddenly the conclusion is there in front of you. It's a testament to Deverell's skill with words, wonderful characters and a plot worth the journey." Hamilton Spectator

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