Published 2006

High Crimes

A merry band of Newfoundland smugglers carrying on a grand tradition. A high-powered RCMP inspector obsessed with their capture. A day-dreaming police scientist caught in a dilemma between the call of duty and his infatuation with a voluptuous femme fatale. A multi-million-dollar cargo of pot on a creaky freighter. A merry high-seas romp from Newfoundland to Colombia to Miami and the North Atlantic. Undercover plots, double-dealing, triple betrayal, and murder. These are the elements that bulleted High Crimes to the top of the best-seller list. The events are drawn from one of the lawyer-author’s celebrated trials.

"This is just a cracking good read...The story has more twists than the TransCanada highway and no less than three trick endings. Deverell is quickly becoming a national treasure." Toronto Star

"Deverell’s lean mean style gives off sparks. A thriller of the first rank." Publishers Weekly

"A fast-moving swinging story of intrigue, suspense, action and mayhem … he writes grittily, and all his characters are all colorful rogues." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Brilliantly written, deliciously crafted. Deverell is a master of suspense and fun." Sacramento Union

"Deverell is a master of the intricate plot that keeps the reader off balance, meanwhile allowing the suspense to build... A first-rate thriller." Memphis Commercial Apeal

"Every detail meshes like clockwork... Deverell is a great storyteller with a nice sense of timing and a pretty touch for black humor." Globe and Mail

"High Crimes is a gripping novel of power-mongering, suspense and intrigue, with a thrilling triple-twist conclusion." Mystery News

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