November 13th, 2021

Kill All the Judges. Snow Job. I'll See You in My Dreams

Kill All the Judges is replete with Stephen Leacock-like humour and more than a dash of sex, which tends to be speedy, underperformed and overrated. In the court sessions, one senses a broom closet full of insider jokes and personalities only lightly disguised. Yet for all its seemingly lighthearted humour, this is a work of great depth and complexity. Pay attention to every word and nuance, for this is a well-crafted and at times raging-mad study into the complexities of a human mind in turmoil.

Globe & Mail

Snow Job:

Margaret Cannon of the Globe & Mail: "One of 11 best mysteries worldwide!"

"Witty, smart mystery ... a fascinating cast of characters with a plot that hooks readers from the very first page." Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

I'll See You in My Dreams

"A great courtroom drama ... with a twist nobody will guess. We also fill in the blanks in Beauchamp's life, which wiill be a delight for all fans". Globe and Mail

"Excellent. Readers will hope they haven't seen the last of the endearingly complex, fallible, and fascinating Beauchamp." Publisher's Weekly starred review.

"I’ll See You In My Dreams marks the fifth in Deverell’s bestselling Arthur Beauchamp series, and takes the reader on a thrilling ride through a touch-and-go murder trial that floods light into some of the darker corners of Canada’s history. Beauchamp must pass through long-repressed personal territory along the way, but the journey ultimately offers some hope for the peace of redemption.

Monday Magazine

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