July 20th, 2021

letters from readers #3

I've been an avid fan for many years of Arthur Beauchamp--his triumphs, failures, loves, and quirky friends on Garibaldi Island. This time, his forays to the Centre of the Universe, aka Toronto, added to his legendary resume.

Of course, there was a very serious aspect to Stung, and the power of your message about environmental damage was not in any way diminished by the rollicking humour and raunchy episodes of your memorable characters. And I do hope you keep Rivie Levitsky in mind for a return to action in the future. As a Queen's grad, I was pleased to see she is heading to law school there, and I can definitely see her causing hearts to flutter and courtrooms to gasp in amazement once she graduates.

Final comment: I read David Boyd's novel earlier this year, and now yours--both with the "necessity" defence as a central theme in the courtroom. Is this a Pender thing?? I enjoyed learning from Arthur more about its historical origins. I do wonder how frequently this particular defence gets mentioned in legal fiction...

Once again, many thanks for bringing Arthur back. And I do hope he gets persuaded to take at least one or two more rounds in the courtroom.

Cheers, Stewart.

My response:

Yours is not the only call for a return of Rivie Levitsky. In fact David Boyd also demanded more of her: "maybe I'm over-reaching but could she be a worthy successor to the soon to be retired AB?"

David’s Thirst for Justice had been in the cooker for quite a few years, and yes, we chatted about the necessity defence as fodder for a thriller. I had the advantage of having actually fought a trial based on it. (R. Perka) Won a jury verdict, new trial ordered on appeal but never went ahead, so I consider that a win.

Arthur’s work-in-progress takes him back to 1966. We’ll see how that works out. Rivie will have to wait her turn.

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