July 11th, 2021

Letters from Readers #1

The previous sentence made me dash to my computer to find you to tell you how much I enjoy your books!! I have lost count of how many I have devoured - love them all - especially those starring Authur Beauchamp.

I hope this email lands safely in your inbox. Again, thank you for the many hours immersed in your beautifully written books and all the quirky characters within. Yes - I have read "Stung" and am waiting eagerly for the next one! 


Pat Margetts

* I am surprised that you, a dyed-in-the-wool Canadian, allows your editor to take out the letter u from "savouring".


I responded:

Thank you, Pat. Letters like yours help keep the creative fires burning. I love it that you have devoured so many of my books without suffering heartburn.

And thanks for the savoury correction, which I have passed on to my careless editor, who will spell-check it for the paperback edition. In turn, may I dare suggest that the construction “you … allows” is grammatically suspect. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).



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